Shoemakers and related workers

Role Responsibilities

  • Making, modifying and repairing standard footwear to meet individual requirements
  • Making, modifying and repairing orthopaedic or therapeutic footwear according to doctors' prescriptions, or modifying existing footwear for people with foot problems and special needs
  • Repairing belts, luggage, purses and similar products
  • Taking plaster casts of deformed legs or foot to prepare drawings
  • Preparing inserts, heel pads, and lifts from casts of customers' feet
  • Studying drawings and other specifications to make footwear according to customer’s needs
  • Studying work orders and/or shoe part tags to obtain information about workloads, specifications, and the types of materials to be used
  • Checking the texture, colour, and strength of leather to ensure that it is adequate for a particular purpose
  • Cutting out, shaping and padding parts for making leather articles
  • Sewing rips or patching holes to repair articles, such as purses, belts, shoes, and luggage
  • Removing and examining shoes, shoe parts, and designs to verify conformance to specifications such as proper embedding of stitches in channels
  • Attaching accessories or ornamentation to decorate or protect products
  • Making and repairing articles such as saddles and harnesses for animals, luggage, handbags, briefcases, leather bags, belts and other accessories

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