Garment and related pattern-makers and cutters

Role Responsibilities

  • Creating a master pattern for each size within a range of garment sizes, using charts, drafting instruments, computers, and/or grading devices
  • Creating the blueprint or pattern pieces for a particular apparel design with the aid of a computer
  • Calculating dimensions of patterns according to sizes, considering stretching of material
  • Drawing details on outlined parts to indicate where parts are to be joined, as well as the positions of pleats, pockets, buttonholes on garments, decorative stitching on shoe parts or eyelets on canvas products, using computers or drafting instruments
  • Positioning templates or measuring materials to locate specified points of cuts or to obtain maximum yields, and marking fabric accordingly
  • Laying out the master pattern on fabric and cutting sample patterns
  • Testing patterns by making and fitting sample garments
  • Placing patterns on top of layers of fabric and cutting fabric following patterns, using electric or manual knives, cutters or computer numerically controlled cutting devices
  • Cutting fabric or fur pelts to make parts for garments and other fur articles
  • Trimming excess material or cutting threads off finished products, such as cutting loose ends of a finished product
  • Positioning leather on the cutting bed of machines, maximizing usage according to skin grain, skin flaws and skin stretch
  • Performing patternmaking, marking and cutting tasks in the manufacture of other products such as soft furnishings and canvas goods

    Skill level