Pelt dressers, tanners and fellmongers

Role Responsibilities

  • Sorting and grading pelts, hides and skins according to colour, shading, size and density
  • Scraping particles of flesh, fat, or protective tissue from skins or pelts to clean and soften them
  • Removing hair from skin or hides soaked in lime water
  • Preparing hides by curing them with salt
  • Removing long, coarse hair from pelts and trimming underlying hair to even length
  • Tanning and dressing pelts to improve lustre and beauty or to restore the natural appearance of pelts
  • Preparing bark and myrobalan liquor for treating hides or skins
  • Treating hides and skins in tanning solution to convert them into leather
  • Tinting or dyeing furs to enhance natural shades of fur
  • Removing wrinkles and setting grains on wet hides or skins
  • Dressing and applying dyes and stains to leather
  • Stretching and smoothing dressed pelts
  • Seasoning leather by applying chemical solution or oil evenly onto the surface by hand brush and allowing it to dry in open air

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