Role Responsibilities

  • Planning and carrying out tests to measure mental, physical and other characteristics such as intelligence, abilities, aptitudes, potentialities, etc., interpreting and evaluating results, and providing advice
  • Analysing the effect of heredity, social, occupational and other factors on individual thought and behaviour
  • Conducting counselling or therapeutic interviews with individuals and groups and providing follow-up services
  • Maintaining required contacts, such as those with family members, educational authorities or employers, and recommending possible solutions to, and treatment of, problems
  • Studying psychological factors in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses and emotional or personality disorders, and conferring with related professionals
  • Preparing scholarly papers and reports
  • Formulating achievement, diagnostic and predictive tests for use by teachers in planning methods and content of instruction
  • Conducting surveys and research studies on job design, work groups, morale, motivation, supervision and management
  • Developing theories, models and methods to interpret and describe human behaviour

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