Role Responsibilities

  • Administering muscle, nerve, joint functional ability and other tests to identify and assess physical problems of patients
  • Establishing treatment goals with patients and designing treatment programs to reduce physical pain, strengthen muscles, improve cardiothoracic, cardiovascular and respiratory functions, restore joint mobility, and improve balance and coordination
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring programs and treatments using the therapeutic properties of exercise, heat, cold, massage, manipulation, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, ultraviolet and infra-red light and ultrasound in the treatment of patients
  • Instructing patients and their families in procedures to be continued outside clinical settings
  • Recording information on patients' health status and responses to treatment in medical records-keeping systems, and sharing information with other health professionals as required to ensure continuing and comprehensive care
  • Developing and implementing programmes for screening and prevention of common physical ailments and disorders
  • Supervising the work of physiotherapy assistants and others

    Skill level

    Highly skilled