Mining managers

Role Responsibilities

  • Conferring with other managers to set production quotas, plan extraction sites and develop policies for the removal of raw materials
  • Evaluating efficiency of production sites to determine adequacy of personnel, equipment and technologies used, and make changes to work schedules or equipment when necessary
  • Planning details of production activities in terms of output quality and quantity, cost, time available and labour requirements
  • Controlling the operation of plant and quality procedures through planning of maintenance, designation of operating hours and supply of equipment
  • Establishing and managing budgets, monitoring production output and costs, and adjusting processes and resources to minimize costs
  • Overseeing the acquisition and installation of new plant and equipment
  • Controlling the preparation of production records and reports
  • Coordinating the implementation of health and safety requirements
  • Researching and implementing regulatory and statutory requirements affecting mineral extraction operations and the environment
  • Overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff

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