Mineral and stone processing plant operators

Role Responsibilities

  • Setting up and operating stationary plant and machinery which grind, crush, cut, saw and slice rocks, minerals and stones according to the specifications for the job
  • Positioning blocks and slabs of stone onto machines for sawing, cutting and further working
  • Monitoring and maintaining the flow of unprocessed rocks, minerals and stones from conveyors into machines
  • Operating washing, separating, leaching, precipitating, filtering, extracting and combining equipment to remove waste material and recover minerals
  • Combining mineral ores with solvents to facilitate further processing
  • Separating metal and mineral concentrates from ore and alluvial deposits by thickening, flotation, gravity separation, filtration, or magnetic and electrostatic separation
  • Observing meters, gauges and control panels, adjusting valves and controls to ensure the safe and efficient operation of equipment, detecting malfunctions and assisting with plant and machinery maintenance and repair
  • Examining processed materials visually or with hands to ensure compliance with established standards and job specifications, and collecting samples for testing in laboratories
  • Recording information about processing completed during shifts, such as quantities, types and dimensions of materials produced
  • Sorting, stacking and moving processed minerals and stone for packaging, further processing or shipping

    Skill level