Mechanical engineers

Role Responsibilities

  • Advising on and designing machinery and tools for manufacturing, mining, construction, agricultural, and other industrial purposes
  • Advising on and designing steam, internal combustion and other non-electric motors and engines used for propulsion of railway locomotives, road vehicles or aircraft, or for driving industrial or other machinery
  • Advising on and designing: hulls, superstructures and propulsion systems of ships mechanical plant and equipment for the release, control and utilization of energy heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems, steering gear, pumps, and other mechanical equipment
  • Advising on and designing airframes, undercarriages and other equipment for aircraft as well as suspension systems, brakes, vehicle bodies and other components of road vehicles
  • Advising on and designing non-electrical parts of apparatus or products such as word processors, computers, precision instruments, cameras and projectors
  • Establishing control standards and procedures to ensure efficient functioning and safety of machines, machinery, tools, motors, engines, industrial plant, equipment, or systems
  • Ensuring that equipment, operation and maintenance comply with design specifications and safety standards

    Skill level

    Highly skilled