Health associate professionals not elsewhere classified

Role Responsibilities

  • Interviewing and examining patients to obtain information on their health status and the nature and extent of injury, illness or other physical or mental health condition
  • Providing information and counselling to patients and families about certain health conditions, prevention and treatment options, treatment adherence, and personal behaviours that can affect health outcomes
  • Administering therapeutic care and treatment to patients
  • Performing certain basic clinical procedures such as administration of HIV antibody tests or insertion of intrauterine devices
  • Dispensing and advising on dietary supplements, antiretroviral and prophylaxis medications, and other health care products
  • Monitoring patients' progress through treatment plans, and identifying signs and symptoms requiring referral to a medical doctor or other health professional
  • Recording information on patients' health status and responses to treatment in medical record-keeping systems
  • Sharing information with other health care providers when required to ensure continuing and comprehensive care

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