Handicraft workers in wood, basketry and related materials

Role Responsibilities

  • Preparing wood, straw, rattan, reeds, shells or similar materials
  • Carving floral and artistic designs on wooden surfaces for decorative purposes
  • Painting freehand decorative designs on glass and pottery or porcelain ware
  • Carving, assembling, weaving, painting and decorating various articles for personal or household use such as salad bowls, serving spoons, cutting-boards, trays, vases, jugs, baskets, straw hats, straw mats and similar objects
  • Carving, assembling, weaving and painting various decorative articles such as statues and other sculptures, chess pieces, jewellery and similar objects
  • Making wicker furniture from peeled and softened rattan, reeds, rushes, willow branches and similar materials
  • Making various kinds of baskets by interlacing osier, rattan, reeds, rushes and similar materials
  • Forming bottoms of baskets by interlacing strips of rattan, wood veneer or other materials with frameworks of rods of material such as willow
  • Inserting rods around bottom edges between woven sections of bottom and bending them upright to serve as framework for sides
  • Selecting and preparing brush materials such as bristles, nylon, fibres and wire, and setting them in brush base
  • Selecting and preparing materials such as broom corn, bass, whisker and fibre, and fastening them to broom handles

    Skill level