Cement, stone and other mineral products machine operators

Role Responsibilities

  • Operating extrusion, moulding, mixing, pumping, compacting, grinding and cutting machinery to manufacture and finish precast concrete and stone products
  • Operating plant to produce cement, lime and clinker, including loading and unloading ingredients and operating continuous feed equipment such as pumps and conveyors
  • Operating plant and machines which weigh and mix sand, gravel, cement, water and other ingredients to make concrete
  • Operating plant and machinery which assemble and fill moulds with concrete and artificial stone mixtures, remove castings from moulds and finish surfaces of precast products
  • Cutting, grinding, drilling, sandblasting and polishing concrete products and stone blocks, slabs and products to the specifications for the job
  • Checking production plans and specifications to determine and select materials, ingredients, procedures, components, settings and adjustments for extrusion, moulding, mixing and compacting machines
  • Monitoring plant and machines during operation by observing instruments such as temperature and pressure gauges, adjusting controls and reporting malfunctions as necessary
  • Collecting and examining samples of mixtures and finished products for conformity with specifications and adjusting machine settings accordingly
  • Checking and maintaining production records, including information about quantities, dimensions and types of materials and goods produced
  • Arranging and assisting with plant and machinery maintenance and repair

    Skill level